EnviroVet Oy has been granted funding from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the food control quality management project in Ukraine. The funding is for two years.

In the project, a quality management system suitable for the authorities under the Ministry of Agricultural Policy of Ukraine will be prepared. To ensure the functionality of the planned quality management system, some slaughterhouses will be audited, emphasizing both animal welfare and meat hygiene. As a background work, the current state of the food safety and veterinary care sectors in Ukraine is investigated.

The quality management system created in the project is based on the EU control regulation (2017/625).

The regulation requires the authorities to carry out audits of their own operations, systematic and verifiable quality management and documented procedures.

The description of the current situation, the recommendations based on it, and the quality system to be built support Ukraine’s EU readiness and harmonize supervision.

The project also increases the implementation of good governance in Ukraine and employs local operators.

Additional information:

Outi Lepistö, DVM, PhD, Specialist in Public Health Care

Bachelor of Administrative Sciences

phone 045 895 7705