EnviroVet has started animal welfare audits under the Welfare Quality® protocol at slaughterhouses. Atria’s slaughterhouse was the first to be audited. The audit was carried out in 2018 and the results were completed in February.

Objective and measured well-being

The audit looked at animal conditions, behavior and response to prevailing conditions. The metrics are based on international top-level research and provide information on the real experiences of animals The results of feeding, barn, animal health and behavioral metrics were compared with international material and Atria’s overall result was in the category ‘good’ (Enchanted).

The objective of the Welfare Quality ® protocol is to define the welfare of farm animals with criteria for assessing the environment of animals. The focus is on indicators that describe the animals themselves. The aim is to get a picture of the actual effects of the environment, handling and treatment on the animal and how the animals react to them. In addition, the slaughterhouse’s ability to control animal flow and animal welfare requirements is assessed.

What is Welfare Quality®?

Welfare Quality® is an animal welfare measurement system based on scientific research by international top researchers funded by the EU

Commission. The aim is to promote animal welfare while improving the transparency of animal production. Welfare Quality® is also an internationally renowned quality label.

The EnviroVet Auditor has completed the Welfare Quality® protocol-based training on

the welfare of pig slaughterhouses (the so-called gold standard). The qualification of the auditor is assessed by the Welfare Quality® consortium every 2 to 5 years to ensure the quality of the standard.


Ask from us more about animal welfare, Welfare Quality® or other audits. EnviroVet is a network of veterinary experts that implements audit and quality

management services for the entire food and environmental health care chain in line with One Health. Our auditors are also the ISO 9001 lead auditors.

We are also a company that qualifies as a Social enterprise and ethics is in the heart of our business.

More information:

Other audits and services: Lead Auditor Outi Lepistö p 045 895 7705Welfare Quality® Auditor Katri Halinen-Elemo