Animal welfare audit results have been published

EnviroVet have conducted 20 animal welfare audits to slaughterhouses. The audits were based on EU Regulation 1099/2009 on the protection of animals at the time of killing. The audit method was completed by material of EFSA, Humane Slaughter Association and Temple Grandin.

There were 46 non-conformities found in slaughterhouses. Most of the non-conformities were found at lairage area, handling of animals and stunning. There were also shortcomings with documentation, passages of animals and practices of people handling the animals.

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For more information please contact lead auditor Outi Lepistö


Public Health Audits

EnviroVet is going to audit municipal public health units in cooperation with Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.

Audits will start in May and the results will be published by the end of the year 2016

One Health Day Event coming in November

EnviroVet will participate in One Health Day, which is an international campaign co-coordinated by the One Health Commission, the One Health Initiative Autonomous pro bono Team and the One Health Platform Foundation.

The goal of One Health Day is to bring attention around the world to the need for One Health interactions and for the world to ‘see them in action’.

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More information about EnviroVet’s activity will be here soon