Qualification training for veterinarians from EU or ETA Memberstates

The municipal veterinarian in Finland, whose tasks include the implementation of the Animal Diseases Act, the tasks related to the control of food safety or animal welfare, is obliged by the municipality to demonstrate proficiency in the Finnish legislation concerned.

The first course will be organized in the autumn 2016. Training covers the legislation of veterinary service, environmental health care and the different roles of the authorities. The aim is that trainee is after the training able to apply the legislation on practical control work, and understands it as part of the application of national legislation with EU legislation.

Autumn 2016 education
• 2 lecture /days training days
• Independent case work
• Exam

The first training day: Officials in the municipality 25.8.
• The municipal organization, official duties and official responsibilities
• Organisation of Environmental Health and the different sectors
• Surveillance measures, administrative procedures and penalties
• Implementation of good governance: the hierarchy of the laws, principles of law, administrative law, public law, legal aspects

Exercise: a case which relates to the topics of the first day. The task is to prepare all the documents relating to the case, the various procedural stages in chronological order and justify the measures.

The second day: Veterinarians in the municipality 15.9.
• The municipal veterinarian duties included in national and EU legislation and its application, practice of the veterinary profession and practical perspectives

The exam includes detailed questions, as well as case-type applied exercises. The length of the exam up to 4 h. Training language is Finnish, but if necessary can get the exam questions in Swedish. The possibility of one renewal.

Accepted completion = the presence in training days, return of training task and the exam completed (60%). Accepted completion is reported to Evira, which keeps a register of persons competence for the municipal veterinary.

Date, time and place: the first training date is 25.8.2016, the second training day 15.9 and the exam 6.10 at the University of Helsinki Viikki campus. A more detailed program information, as well as course materials will be sent to participants.

Education price 380 € (VAT included)

Registration: Binding registration 10.8.2016 at the latest at info@envirovet.fi

 Maximum number of participants is 50 people. Priority is given to those who has employment, tangible and immediate need to attend the course.

Details DVM, PhD Outi Lepistö, tel. +35845 895 7705, outi.lepisto@envirovet.fi