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An expert network specialized in development of public health and environmental health care. EnviroVet provides high level know-how on environmental health care.


Education, seminaries, lectures, auditing and control systems


Importing international research information and practices to Finland


Clarifications, evaluations and expert statements

EnviroVet works as a part of the international auditing association Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) as an external auditing quarter of auditing systems and supervision required by the food control legislation.

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EnviroVet experts at your service

Check out our network of experts. EnviroVet is also at your service if you want to improve the quality system or the efficiency of action or to customize quality indicators for your use. Our experts are available at epidemic situations and clarifications, preparing emergency plans, veterinary treatment plans and information guides, or at educating employees. We customize our services to match each client’s demands to reach the best possible result.

Environmental health care and food safety

DVM, PhD, Specialist in Veterinary Medicine, Food and Environmental Hygiene Outi Lepistö

• Special expertise: enforcement and development of environmental health care, coercive measures, quality management

• Wide-ranging experience with management, quality and development tasks both at municipal and government level

• Member of national co-ordination group for auditing

• Many national and international publications, for example Finnish Veterinary Journal, Journal of Food Safety and Food Quality, Journal of Environmental Health Research

• Doctoral thesis “Principle of Good Governance in environmental health compulsory actions” 2008

• Wide-ranging teaching experience, ia Finnish Annual Veterinary Meeting, University of Helsinki and Tampere, Food Safety Authority of Sweden, National Institute for Health and Welfare

• More: The Veterinarian of The Year 2010

DVM, Specialist in Veterinary Medicine, Food and Environmental Hygiene Kirsi Sario

• Special expertise: food control and safety

• Professional in food control chain for 15 years (Regional State Administrative Agency, municipal level)

• Wide-ranging experience with administration and development tasks at environmental health care

• Member of national co-ordination group for auditing 2009-2011

• Long-standing experience in auditing

• Wide-ranging teaching and publication experience ia Finnish Annual Veterinary Meeting, University of Helsinki

DVM, Specialist in Veterinary Medicine, Food and Environmental Hygiene Maija Nurminen

• Special expertise: food safety and public health control for 25 years

• Wide-ranging experience with management, development and control both at municipal and central level

• Long-standing experience in leadership of food safety laboratory and microbiology department

• Good experience of scontrol in slaughterhouses and other animal-related establishments

• Wide-ranging teaching and publications experience: Helsinki University, municipalities, Finnish Defense Forces

• Evira hygiene testing rights, lots of teaching and testing experience

DVM, Doctor of philosophy, Manager of Social and Health Affairs Maria Närhinen

• Special expertise: management and development of environmental health care, health and social affairs

• Wide-ranging experience with management and development of environmental health and promoting of human health and welfare

• Doctoral thesis Healthier Food Choices in Supermarkets 2000

• Wide range teaching experience

• HHJ diploma

Drinking water, swimming water and indoor air quality

DVM, Specialist in Veterinary Medicine, Food and Environmental Hygiene, professor Marja-Liisa Hänninen

• Professor at University of Helsinki, Department of Food Hygiene and Environmental Health

• Teaching experience of toxicology, drinking water quality and chemical quality, indoor air quality, evaluation of toxicity, risk assessment

• Chapters to two textbooks of drinking water quality

• Chapters to two textbooks of drinking water quality

Feed hygiene and by-products

DVM, PhD Taina Haarahiltunen

• Wide-ranging experience at governmental and municipal level and research work

• Doctoral thesis Lactoferrin in Treatment of Bovine Mastitis 2004

• Many international publications

• Wide-ranging teaching experience ia Finnish Annual Veterinary Meeting, University of Helsinki, Finnish Fur Breeders’ Association, excellent written and spoken verbal skills

Animal health and welfare

DVM, official control veterinarian Maria Wahlfors

• Special expertise: control of animal protection, primary production and meat-producing establishments

• Experience with practical veterinary medicine and control actions at all levels of official control

• Teaching and guidance of students in control of meat-producing establishments in Helsinki University

• Member of advisory board of pet welfare (Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry)

DVM, meat hygiene inspection veterinarian Katri Halinen-Elemo

• Special expertise: animal protection and welfare at slaughterhouse, Welfare Quality system

• Long-standing experience with control of food hygiene and animal welfare

• Wide-ranging experience in slaughterhouses for ten years

• Postgraduate studies in veterinary medicine 2011- with production animal welfare at slaughterhouses and slaughtering processes

DVM, provincial veterinarian Taina Kingelin

• Special expertise: control of animal protection

• Wide-ranging experience in animal protection ia municipal and meat hygiene inspection veterinarian, provincial veterinarian

• Qualification in food hygiene

• BSE quarantine veterinarian

• Experience also with food safety control

Veterinary treatment

DVM Olli Soininen

• Special expertise: management and planning of veterinary traeatment

• Wide-ranging experience in veterinary treatment as owner of business and communal veterinarian

• Membership in many boards at Finnish Veterinary Association for 20 years

• Expert in many working groups at ministry of agriculture and forestry

• Environmental health care leadership studies

DVM, Specialist in Veterinary Medicine, Production Animal Medicine, Antti Nurminen

• Special expertise: management, planning and implementation of veterinary treatment

• 35 years working experience at municipal, regional and central administration level

• President of Finnish Veterinary Association 2005-2007

• Wide-ranging teaching experience of implementation of veterinary treatment

Infectious diseases and zoonosis

DVM, Specialist in Veterinary Medicine, infectious diseases Mikael Karring

• Special expertise: prevention of infectious diseases and zoonosis

• Public Health Diploma, qualification in food hygiene

• Expertise in environmental medicine, epidemiology, bio statistics zoonosis

• Wide-ranging experience as management tasks ia municipal veterinarian, assistant head of department, ministry of agriculture and forestry, leading county veterinarian at Åland county administration

• Bilingual